Vision / Mission

“As farmers and agriculturalists, our primary business purpose will always be to farm the lands for profit. Our VISION best describes where we are headed. Our MISSION best describes how we continue to strive towards achieving our vision, through our core business operations. The unique way in which we do this is best summed up as THE FIRTH WAY of doing farming and business.”

 “To be an economically diverse future fit farming organisation that strives to be ethically sustainable, socially responsible, progressive, and always curious when pursuing new ways to be better farmers.”

“Our agricultural products—from quality genetics in cattle and game, to high quality beef, pecan nuts, and a variety of supplemental food ingredients and animal feeds—are farmed and processed to accomplish their greatest nutritional and economic potential. We will only succeed in business by creating value for our customers, our suppliers, our employees, and our stakeholders.”

To help us retain our focus, our key enabling strategic and business drivers are:

Enabling STRATEGIC Drivers: Through People Empowerment and Joint Decision Making, coupled with optimal Technological Enablement, achieve a high standard of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Farming best practices.

Enabling BUSINESS Drivers: QQM is the name of the game—Produce the best QUALITY, in the right QUANTITY, delivered to the right MARKETS.