'The Firth Way'

For the modern farmer, it’s no longer the fittest that will survive. Instead, we believe that it’s all about being ‘FUTURE FIT’
- in other words, ‘being agile and adaptable’.

In farming, we cannot control our environment, but we can control how we adapt to it. To enable us to foster this kind of business culture, we pursue The Firth Way of doing business and farming—An approach/philosophy that enables us to unlock our future as a future fit farming enterprise.

Many of you may recall the so-called “triple bottom line” coined by Elkington way back in 1994: People, Planet, Profit. Now, some 25 years later, we have built on this by adding two more components: Technology and Partnerships.

Simply stated, The Firth Way encapsulates the way in which we—the Firth Group—strive towards our vision and mission. Our employees easily remember the 5 operational principles of The Firth Way with the easy-to-remember PPTPP acronym: Profit, People, Technology, Planet, Partnerships.

In short, the PPTPP operations principles may be explained as followed:


Strive towards excellence in all we do, to ensure a profitable and sustainable business.

  • Strategic excellence
  • Operational excellence
  • Bridging the gap between science and practice


Empowering our people, with a view to unleashing their fullest potential.


Technological enablement, with a view to fostering sustainable methods of farming-production and management.


Sustainable and eco-friendly farming, with a view to cultivating a healthy agribusiness philosophy that always builds, never destroys.


Stakeholder partnerships and community service, with a view to building strong, authentic, mutually beneficial relationships with varied interest groups (such as environmental organisations, educational and research entities, commodity groups, non-profit organisations, government departments, local communities and other farmers). We believe that, true to the spirit of Ubuntu, good relationships are proving to be key in the ever-evolving post Covid-19 era.

We believe that South African farmers ought to remain encouraged by believing that all will not be lost in the post Covid-19 era. At the Firth Group, we remain curious and courageous for what’s to come. We see Covid-19, not as a stumbling block, but as a stepping-stone towards innovation and cooperation. As farmers, we need to address the challenges and disruptions of our time, in fresh ways.

As Bernard Shaw once said: “Some see things as they are and ask why?” At the Firth Group, we prefer to dream things that never were, and ask,
“Why not?”