Piet Botma: MD’s Year-End Message for 2020

What will be remembered mostly for all the wrong reasons, 2020 certainly will be a year to remember—a harrowing pandemic year it certainly has been!

From the rush in the USA to stop the Giant Asian ‘murder hornets’ that have devastated many of its bee populations, to threats of a possible third World War, to the once-in-century coronavirus pandemic, this year truly has surprised us with the unthinkable. I think it’s fair to say that, during 2020, life didn’t pull any punches!

Strangely though, regardless of the many drawbacks to the past year, somehow the sun continues to rise every morning. With the exception of the many people who lost their final battle to the coronavirus, most of us are still here: standing steadfast through it all.

At the Firth Group, by God’s grace alone, our diverse business portfolio helped to shield the business against the brute force that a severely impacted local SA economy dealt us with. As farmers, we are fortunate that, when compared with other sectors, the agricultural sector wasn’t too severely affected by the pandemic. For this, we count our blessings.

Nevertheless, with sensitivity, we acknowledge the hugely damaging impact that this year has brought upon many others who have been far less fortunate. To them, not only do our hearts go out, but our helping-hand goes out too. With the authentic spirit that makes a farmer a farmer, we never have and never will shy away from helping others that find themselves in dire straits (and therefore unable to help themselves during a time of crisis).

As we enter the holiday season with the year drawing to a close, we remain positively optimistic for the future. We believe that brighter days do lie ahead!

Regardless of the ongoing coronavirus-threat that holds the world to ransom, may farmers in particular choose to stay positive in their outlook. There is always hope of better days yet to come.

In closing, on behalf of my staff team, allow me to wish our readers and their families a happy, safe and restful holiday season.

All the best for the 2021 New Year!

1 thought on “Piet Botma: MD’s Year-End Message for 2020”

  1. Thank you for a lovely year end message Piet. Strength and blessings to you , your family and the team. You are all doing such a great job – despite difficult conditions. We salute you and think of you often.
    James and Judy Steele and girls.

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