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What a welcome wet-and-rainy Winter it has been for the Western Cape (and for many other regions of SA too). This a true blessing—something worth being thankful for and vocal about. When compared to this time last year, our dams are now looking considerably fuller—thank you God! We keep praying however for much needed relief in the Great and Klein Karoo regions that continue to experience debilitating drought conditions.

For this newsletter, it has been a pleasure to share news and information about the amazing cycad plant. Particularly, special thanks goes out to Dr. André Cilliers for his article featured in this edition. It has also been a pleasure to launch the new brand identity (i.e. logo) for Highlands Cycads — a Firth Group subsidiary. Highlands Cycads allows my love and passion for rare game and wildlife to be extended to ‘ancient’ cycads too—like diamonds, such precious, rare and unique plants cycads truly are. Consequently, we will continue to invest our time, resources and energy into the preservation of these scarce plants for future generations to learn more about and enjoy. It’s worth highlighting that, similar to our collaborative partnership with WildlifeCampus (that serves to perpetuate wildlife education for future generations) Highlands Cycads with its Cycad Jurassic Park project, will be a continuation of this education focus: to invest in cycad education for future generations of cycad lovers.

On behalf of our team of editorial staff, we trust that you will enjoy the content prepared for you in this edition of our newsletter. Be sure to ‘watch this space’ as we not only share news of what’s happening at Hillcrest Game Estates, but also what’s happening with our other farming subsidiaries (that collectively comprise the Firth Group as a whole). In our remaining 3rd and 4th quarter newsletters to follow later this year, we plan to introduce you to our Firth Brangus and Firth Wagyu cattle subsidiaries. And then, finally, in December, we will be launching the brand new Firth Group website which is currently under development—a project that we’re all very excited about.

In closing, as mentioned in my prior message of our 1st Quarter (Summer edition) newsletter, it’s passion and energy that will see the farmer through these tough and challenging times. May all farmers throughout South Africa continue to encourage one another to never give up on trying—there’s definitely still lots of hope, so let’s remain positive that better days are on the horizon.

Until next time, take good care and God Bless.

John Firth


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