Hillcrest game estates

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Hillcrest Game Estates forms part of a large farming enterprise located on the outskirts of Wolmaransstad, situated in the North West Province.

In order to provide fellow breeders with the most sought after progeny, our mission is to breed outstanding quality animals using the best genetics possible.

The expansive farm of predominantly savannah grasslands is home to a large variety of game species located in various breeding camps. Only the best animals are carefully selected for breeding.

Green Economy

At Hillcrest Game Estates we aim to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities by implementing an integrated strategy for an economically sustainable farming unit. This approach is best-proven to preserve the natural environment, whilst also uplifting disadvantaged local communities within the Wolmaransstad region.  

Hillcrest is completely solar-power dependent, including the main lodge which provides accommodation for 12 people.

The solar-generated power is used to ‘electrify’ the 25km-long outer security fence. Solar also gives power to several submersible water pumps scattered throughout the farm. All of Hillcrest’s 52 gates which are fully remote-controlled, are also entirely powered by solar-power panels located at each of the gates.

Geographically, Hillcrest is situated in a water scarce region of the North West Province (of South Africa). On the farm, water is recycled. All excess water from reservoirs is naturally diverted to dams where bird- and game-viewing outlook-posts have been built. For more, see Wise Water Management at Hillcrest Game Estates.

Social Responsibility

As part of its corporate social investment (CSI) programme, Hillcrest Game Estates supports Diphetogo crèche in Tswelelang, Wolmaransstad. Financial contributions enable the school to provide children with a balanced diet during school terms.

Further financial aid is also provided for feeding a large number of orphans during school holidays when there is limited assistance from formal authorities.

From time to time, school children visit Hillcrest Game Estates to enjoy a game drive and refreshments. Hillcrest Game Estates’ investment in wildlife- and game-farming education helps to pass on a fine legacy of appreciation for South Africa’s wildlife and game animals.