Hillcrest Game Estates awarded the North West Wildlife Traders (NWWT) 2020 Wildlife/Game-farmer of the Year Award

Franco Joubert, founder and managing director of NWWT said that this is the 6th year running that this prestigious award has been presented. The criteria for this particular award is not so much about who is the biggest and the best, but rather about giving due recognition to wildlife/game farmers who have been adjudicated to be truly interested and involved in making a difference in the South African game and wildlife industry—particularly in the current difficult times in which the industry finds itself.

The winner was selected from NWWT’s roughly 500-600 clients.

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Hillcrest Game Estates wen die North West Wildlife Traders (NWWT) 2020 Wildsboer van die Jaar Toekenning

(Van L-R) Ben Groenewald (Hillcrest Game Estates), Franco Joubert (NWWT) en Piet Botma (Hillcrest Game Estates) met die gesogte NWWT Wildsboer van die Jaar Toekenning 2020

Volgens Franco Joubert, stigter en bestuurende direkteur van NWWT was dit die 6de jaar dat die gesogte trofee toegeken was. Die kriteria vir die toekenning gaan oor veel meer as wie die grootste en beste is, maar gee eerder erkenning aan wildsboere wat deur hulle betrokkenheid en belangstelling bewys het dat hulle ernstig is om ‘n verskil te maak in die Suid- Afrikaanse wildsbedryf—veral in die moeilike tye wat die wildsbedryf hom huidiglik bevind.

Die wenner is gekies uit die ongeveer 500-600 NWWT kliente.

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