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Pecan Nut Processing

At the start of the season, the moisture content in the pecan nuts is high: at approximately 5-6%. As the season progresses, the moisture content in the pecans will drop to about 2-3%. During the bulk selling process, should the moisture content of the product (i.e. Pecans) be higher than ideal, then a nominal price reduction is imposed on the batch being purchased—because moisture does result in a heavier weight of the product and could lead to mould forming inside the nuts. For this reason, the lower the moisture content, the better.

Pecan nut harvesting - A tractor fitted with an hydraulic shaker assists to shed a pecan tree from its pecan nuts.

Using a blowing machine to remove dead Autumn leaves from a batch of just harvested pecan nuts

Pecan Nut Processing

Pecan Nut Sorting

Pecan nut trees ready for harvesting

A bag of sorted pecan nuts being weighed

This bag of pecan nuts weighs a whopping 535kg

preventative veld fire management making fire breaks

Veld Fire Management

Windy season means fire season! Making firebreaks remains a trusted proactive intervention to prevent uncontrollable wildfires from spreading!

Preventative veld fire management - making fire-breaks

Veld Fire Fighting 1

Veld Fire Fighting 2

Firth Red Brangus Logo

Firth Red Brangus

weaner calves at the firth group's klipkuil farm

Weaner calves at the Firth Group's Klipkuil farm

Ultrasound pregnancy testing of heifer at Firth Red Brangus stud

Farm Life

its an early start to the farmer's day — which is also a vey cold start during the winter season

Its an early start to the farmer's day — which is also a vey cold start during the Winter season

friday afternoon end of day treat a braai

Friday afternoon end-of-day treat - A braai

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