Piet and Ceciel Botma

Farm operations 2018 — Farm General Manager Pieter Botma shares a few highlights from the past year

It’s been a busy but exciting year at the Hillcrest Game Estates farm in Wolmaransstad. Now that December has arrived, it’s a pleasure to briefly reflect upon the past 2018 year and share these few special moments and pictures with our readers and supporters.

Farm operation highlights

For us at Hillcrest, that following farm operations highlights were the most notable:
  • During April our buffalo herd was moved to a new camp on the farm. In October we also relocated our prize buffalo bull Majuba, to Wintershoek.
Firths on the farm Seen here, Dr. Ian and Jenny Firth present at the relocation of some bufallo to a new camp on the farm.
  • On the 29th of May, during a WildlifeCampus visit, 4 young Sable bulls were darted and subsequently measured in the top 30% of the WS2 rankings.
  • Also in October, a few Roan calves were born—All direct offspring resulting from our second herd of Roan that were bred during November 2017. Pirate was the prize bull that sired the new roan calves.
Newborn Roan calf Hillcrest Game Estates Seen here, a 1-day old Roan calf, daughter of Pirate (From our new herd that we started in November 2017). Diphetogo créche Seen here, children from Diphetogo créche with Christmas gift-hampers received during their visit to Hillcrest Game Estates.
  • The Sable bull Einstein, which joined Hillcrest Game Estate in 2017, sired a couple of beautiful young calves.
  • A further group of Buffalo and Sable were successfully relocated to Wellington in the Western Cape. We are extremely happy with the ongoing Wellington-based expansion project. Our Buffalo are adapting well in their new Western Cape habitat. — Click to read more.
Piet and Ceciel Botma Seen here, farm General Manager Pieter Botma and his wife Ceciel, present during the relocation of some Bufallo to Wellington in the Western-Cape.
  • During a Passive Capture trial that was hosted on the farm, 30 Impala’s and 20 Njala’s were very successfully re-located during the September and October months. For more about Passive Game Capture, read Dr. Wilhelm Schack’s part 1 and part 2 articles here.
  • Hillcrest Game Estates (in Wellington) if proud to be one of the founding members of the newly established Cape Wildlife Group. — Click to read more here and here too.

Closing Christmas greetings

On behalf of my farm team, I wish to extend warm Christmas and New Year’s greetings to all our readers. We also wish to thank all buyers of Hillcrest game stock. Your support is highly valued and appreciated. Special thanks goes out to vet, Dr. Cizelle Naude. As always, your professional veterinarian services continue to contribute towards making Hillcrest-bred game tops on the ranking lists. Lastly, to John Firth, Hillcrest Game Estates’ owner, a big thank you. Your love for animals and nature continues to inspire all staff at Hillcrest.


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