Education Partnerships

At the Firth Group we are proud of our education partnership with North west University's Mafikeng Campus.

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On 3 February 2020, Firth Red Brangus and Firth Wagyu entered into an exciting collaboration agreement with North West University’s (NWU) Mafikeng campus, under the direction of Prof. Paul Lubout of the Faculty of Animal Sciences. This collaborative partnership was formally constituted under the auspices of an official Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and cooperation with NWU.  Through robust farming and agricultural education, this unique engagement with NWU promotes much-needed practical knowledge acquisition for South Africa’s next generation of farmers—many of which have never had the privilege or opportunity to inherit farms or work on farms. This way, we believe we are making a small but needed developmental difference to the sustainability of the farming industry and the farming profession in South Africa. Without successful, profitable farms, we cannot provide for our rainbow nation’s food security needs—for this and the next generation to come. The agricultural sector needs farmers who are educated, knowledgeable and experienced—farmers who know what they’re doing and have a passion for ‘farming the land’ and ‘tilling the soil’ of South Africa’s abundant agricultural land-wealth.