Corporate social investment (CSI): Hillcrest Game Estates supports Diphetogo crèche

Jenny Firth Diphetogo

As part of its corporate social investment (CSI) programme, Hillcrest Game Estates supports Diphetogo crèche. Jenny discovered that, during school holidays, many orphaned children who attended Diphetogo crèche during the school term, scavenged for food found in rubbish bins at Tswelelang township near Wolmaranstad.

Jenny Firth hands hamper to a young learner from Diphetogo crèche.
Jenny Firth hands hamper to a young learner from Diphetogo crèche.

Jenny was concerned by this discovery, sensing that Diphetogo was in dire need of financial help during school holidays (when local government aid wasn’t provided to the school children). Under the Hillcrest Game Estates banner, Jenny spearheaded an initiative that now offers the required financial help to provide much-needed food, as well as a cook and other helpers who administer the process of food-distribution at grassroots level, in the local township.

Additionally, the children and staff of Diphetogo crèche also learn when visiting Hillcrest where they sometimes get a glimpse of what game-farming is all about. Diphetogo’s children are instructed on the importance of maintaining this unique aspect of South Africa’s wildlife- and game-farming heritage.

At Hillcrest Game Estates, investment in wildlife- and game-farming education helps to pass on a fine legacy of appreciation for South Africa’s wildlife and game animals.

Inset: Jenny Firth hands hamper to a young learner from Diphetogo crèche.

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