Collaboration agreement announced between Hillcrest Game Estates, WildlifeCampus & KaiNav Conservation Africa

Hillcrest Game Estates proudly announces that On 14 March 2018 an inaugural three-way collaboration agreement was reached between itself (Hillcrest Game Estates), KaiNav Conservation Africa and WildlifeCampus.

This exciting collaborative partnership promotes wildlife conservation, education and game-farming development. It also encourages an appreciation for South African wildlife by giving access to students to partake in practical wildlife management experiences at Hillcrest Game Estates. Through wildlife education, this unique three-way collaborative association is aimed at advancing game-industry education and practical knowledge acquisition about South Africa’s wildlife heritage, wildlife conservation and the game-farming industry.

Picture — (from left to right):

Present at Hillcrest Game Estates on 14 March, were Jonathan Acx (WildlifeCampus), Dr Ian Firth (Hillcrest Game Estates), Lana van der Sandt & Adrian Baillie-Stewart (representing Hillcrest Game Estates), Kailen Padayachee (KaiNav Conservation Africa), Piet Botma (Hillcrest Game Estates), Eloise Acx (WildlifeCampus) and John Firth (Hillcrest Game Estates).

Photo by: Hendrico Nieuwoudt (Hillcrest Game Estates)