calf stuck in hole

Calf Reunited With Its Mother

Adrian Baillie-Stewart
Adrian Baillie-Stewart

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Calf Reunited With Its Mother After Falling Into 2m Deep Erdvark/Aardvark (Anteater) Hole

During a routine cattle-herd patrol, upon spotting a cow uncharacteristically returning to the location where the hole was, our workers eventually used the TLB (tractor loader backhoe) to dig into the earth. Upon discovering the calf stuck in the hole, with some effort and patience, the calf was eventually reunited with its mother.

Moral of the story: Daily visits to inspect our cattle herds continue to be absolutely critical to maintain and manage the cattle-herds, especially during calving season.

Luckily this calf was spared!

Well done to Jan Lubbe and his team for their quick thinking and commitment to going the extra mile.

Jan Lubbe
The Rescue Team
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