Brangus Cattle Breed featured in the media

Adrian Baillie-Stewart
Adrian Baillie-Stewart

On a part-time basis, Adrian serves as lead digital communications consultant for the Firth Group of farms. This includes Hillcrest Game Estates, Firth Red Brangus, Firth Wagyu, Maquassi Spruit Pecan Nuts and Highlands Cycads. A communications specialist at Content Strategics (Pty) Ltd., Adrian helps small to medium enterprises achieve their primary operational goals by maximising the commercial impact of their media content published across multiple online digital platforms.

André van der Merwe, speaks to Lanbouweekliks about Brangus cattle. André was also awarded the Stoet teler van die Jaar 2021 / Stud Breeder of the Year 2021 award.

Mr. André van der Merwe, board member of Brangus SA, tells more about what distinguishes this breed of cattle from other red cattle breeds and what makes it so popular for crossbreeding.

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